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Free Print with every order and Free Shipping for orders above Rs 1000. Happy Shopping!
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Ephemera Wall Using Kohhra Prints!

Ephemera Wall Tutorial

Things that are only enjoyed for a short period of time are called 'Ephemera' and Ephemera Walls are perfect for people living in Hostels, Dorm Rooms (or just have strict parents who don't let you drill holes in the Walls) and for people living in Rented Spaces where you cant drill on the wall.
Ephemera Walls also make up a huge part of the Light Academia Aesthetic, which is perfect for people who enjoy Dark Academia and CottageCore and want to blend these two aesthetics together!
Focal Point
As you can see, I've made the focal point of this Wall the 'Anemone' Art Print which is available on my Shop! I need to surround this Print with complimentary paraphernalia, so it is important to make a note of its characteristics. The color palette is Pink, Purple, Dark Brown, and a Reddish-Brown and it has floral elements.
I chose to add a Claude Monet painting in complimentary colors, which are shades of Pink and purple, it is something you can easily get on the Internet for free, as it is under Public Domain and so it helped me add some Whimsy to my Wall.
Vintage Elements 
Leaning into the Classical elements of Dark Academia, you can use Scrapbooking techniques to create Quote pages, I used a torn page from a book, some kraft paper and lined notebook paper to make the 'Persuasion' Quote Page. For the other, I used some illustrations from a Vintage Botanical Textbook. A great tip for aging your paper is to stain it with Tea or Coffee! The Floral illustration I chose was of the Anemone Flower to match with my focal point.
It is important to make sure that the Wall doesn't become too busy that you lose the focal point, so I added some Pantone Shade Cards (something you can buy or find Color Swatches on Pinterest) to tie in my colors, and bring out the Red Undertones of the Art Print. I also used some dried flowers to add texture and tie in to the Floral aspect of this Wall!
The Next thing I added was Screencaps of Period Dramas, Emma (2020) and Marie Antoinette (2006) to match the Vintage Vibe and I only chose images that complimented my color palette. As you can see the Ephemera Wall is almost complete, we just need some...
I added some more Scrapbook paper, another simple quote and an oracle card I had lying around, this is your chance to get a little creative and fill in the gaps until your wall starts to look complete!
And so, the Ephemera Wall is complete, and not only it is easy to assemble and move around, it is also budget friendly, and doesn't need frames or Drills or Carpenters. It just needs a little creativity, and a lot of love! (and atleast one Kohhra Print!)


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