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Free Print with every order and Free Shipping for orders above Rs 1000. Happy Shopping!
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Kohhra's Identity

Kohhra embraces specific sensibilities , and fits into these worlds with perfect ease. I want my products to represent the magic found in these aesthetics which serves to prove true the statement, "Magic in the Little Things'

Dark Academia

Dark Academia is about wandering through Gothic mansions with only the candlelight to guide you, gilded frames and mysterious looking keys. It is about wandering through a museum, finding hidden magic in the paintings, and in the curves and sharp lines of sculpltures. Kohhra fits in this world, in the tarot cards, with girls in Plaid dresses wandering through old Universities. It fits in with the magic we see and unsee with our peripheral vision, with the Goddess that rises with the Moon. Kohhra can be found in Brown messenger bags and in the cold winter nights, in the morning coffee smell or flickering in the fireplace.




Cottagecore is about rejecting city life for the tranquility of a small cottage in the woods, covered in vines and flowers, its about picnics by the creek and the smell of wildflowers in the Air. Kohhra fits in with with the vintage cutlery in the cabinets, in the fairy rings that keep popping up everywhere. Kohhra is in the tea cakes served with cool Lemonade, in the bare feet getting warmed by the sun. It is in the fairies that sleep in the flowers at night and it is in the wild girls tamed by this serene life, with flowers in their hair and inked on their skin.   If you find yourself in these words and descriptions then Kohhra is perfect for you.

*Pictures taken from Pinterest. 

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